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About Our Interior Design Services
Our mission is to offer much more than just a beautiful home.

We give you a lifestyle, a new way of living, and always aim to meet your budget. We focus heavily on the functionality of a single space then incorporate the aesthetics.

Full Home Architectural and Interior Design

We do our best work when we design an entire home. Old and heritage homes are our favourite and full-gut house renovations are our specialty.

High-End Custom Millwork and Details

From doors and moldings to trims and flooring, we take care of all the woodwork details.

Interior Design Drawings

As registered interior designers, we create the concept and design and manage the development and construction documents.

Unifying the Look of Your Home

We’ll design your entire home making sure every room and space is cohesive and flows.

Collaborating with Contractors, Architects, and Suppliers

We orchestrate the relationship and moving pieces between you and everyone involved.

The Designer

Meet your Custom Home & Renovation Interior Designer

Bconcept pursues its passion for interior design and architecture. With over 50 years as a custom interior designer for homes and residences, he has led multidisciplinary projects, building a very distinctive and holistic interior design approach. Bconcept offers an interior design team with fully customized home design services and interior design for home renovation within the GTA.

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